Jacky Tsai - Fly Me to the Moon (Gold)

Jacky Tsai - Fly Me to the Moon (Gold)

Jacky Tsai
Fly Me to the Moon (Gold)
18 color screen-print with 24 carat gold leaf
Edition of 18

  • Jacky Tsai: Info

    Jacky Tsai is an eminent Chinese pop artist, creating peculiar pieces with an inventive approach to traditional materials and craftsmanship. Tsai works to establish balance and harmony between cultural extremes. His original style, featuring of references to western pop art in combination with eastern artistry re-imagines the concept of beauty to be appreciated by viewer of all different cultural heritages. 

    Tsai is perhaps best known as the creator behind British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s iconic floral skull. The floral skull, illustrating the iconography of the skull with bloom of plants, is the best exemplar of the artist’s vision. Tsai works to dispel attitudes of fear and superstition prevalent in Chinese perception of death, to encourage the emergence of beauty in decay within the symbol of the skull – playing with concepts of reborn from death. 


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