Registered Address: 2D Oslo House, Felstead Street, London E9 5LT, UK

Registered Charity Number 1184247

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Welcome to the Sixteen Trust

Providing real-world art opportunities for young people 


What We Do

The Sixteen Trust aims to inspire children and young people through the arts, improving career prospects, broadening minds and inspiring through sustainable and long-term projects. Through mentoring from real-world arts professionals, across disciplines, we aim to bring new ideas and engage young people in the broad spectrum of careers in the arts, giving long-term support, tied into the school curriculum and in partnership with schools and educators. 


Resources are to be offered in person and online, via one-to-one sessions and video, with print and other resources. The aim is to provide a long-term, cohesive and comprehensive support to children and young people, throughout and beyond their secondary education, using a network of successful, relatable and approachable individuals, who were themselves once in the UK education system. 


If you can see it, you can be it. 


Through school projects tied to the curriculum, young people participate in real-world scenarios, working with industry professionals to contribute to public theatre, art, architecture, music and other projects. Participants spend time with mentors from arts industries to experience the possibilities for the arts within the workplace. 


Our exhibition program gives young people real-world experience in organising and staging exhibitions. We also promote the work of young people in gallery exhibitions and online.


We will provide online resources to enable young people to seek out support for their chosen career path; through our network of arts organisations and individuals, we can give advice experience across arts disciplines. 


Lee Cavaliere, Founder and CEO