The Sixteen is engaging with schools across Thanet to deliver its mentoring program. 


These are schools in some of the most deprived areas of the UK, with low aspiration and job prospects, including Thanet's Harstdown Academy, King Ethelbert School and Royal Harbour Academy. 


We have engaged mentors from across a variety of art forms and associated industries - more details to follow!  


  • To inspire aspiration and success through mentoring programmes tied to the school curriculum: including but not limited to, visits, workshops, one-to-one mentoring and career advice, workshops, extra-curricular activities, industry and work placements and travel opportunities.

  • To educate children on the huge number of real-world opportunities and pathways available to them, and inspire an imagination for future careers and progressions, through meeting and engaging with real-world professionals. 

  • To give hands-on, behind-the-scenes involvement in arts projects including, but not limited to, fashion, theatre, visual arts and film.

  • To engage children in the long-term, providing advice and inspiration through their secondary schooling to supplement and enhance their educational experience, and provide advice for further and higher education or vocational training. 

  • To provide schools and teachers with new perspectives on learning, cross-subject synergies and collaborations. 


Advisors and Associates

Paul Luxmoore, Coastal Academies Trust

Gideon Berger, Block9

Dan Chilcott, Resort Studios

Diane Shiach, Charity fundraiser and patron for the arts

Bob Barbour, Digital Consultant - non profit and public sector

Rosie Escott, Fundraiser


Lee Cavaliere, Founder

Registered Address: 2D Oslo House, Felstead Street, London E9 5LT, UK

Registered Charity Number 1184247

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