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The Open Gallery - Demo 

The Open Gallery, a revolutionary way for young people to create their own exhibitions, alongside the greats from the history of art. Here is a demo exhibition, showing the gallery and how artwork looks within it.










What is it?


 We’re creating an immersive, photo-realistic 3D virtual gallery to an amazingly high specification, using the Unreal game engine. We’ll be offering this as a free resource for schools so that young people can create their own exhibitions, showing their own work alongside the work of great artists from across history. The gallery will be a completely DIY resource, which will need limited guidance to use and the results can be published online to be enjoyed by all!

Why are we doing it


The art world remains overwhelmingly white, wealthy and concentrated around a very limited number of locations. Access to art is not a given. This needs to change.


The Sixteen Trust is dedicated to bringing the arts to young people from disadvantaged areas, giving them access to professional mentoring and advice, and more than anything, encouraging those young people to lend their voice to the future of our collective culture.


We’ve done this before and know it works! Lee Cavaliere, the founder of the Sixteen Trust, is also Director at VOMA, the world’s first completely virtual arts museum. Available online, for free, the museum offers a diverse and evolving exhibition programme, and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people from over 50 countries. We have also run similar community exhibitions online, in collaboration with local councils and charities such as the Lightbox Museum and Women In Prison UK.





              Recreation of the Lightbox Museum main Gallery

The Open Gallery Project will give new voices the ability, the training and the support to affect the changes that our culture needs in this moment. We’ve run exhibitions in the past showcasing the work of young people and it can be completely transformative.


This project gives us the opportunity to reach many thousands of young people who have very limited access to the arts, and to place ownership of this still-exclusive world in their hands. These young people are the future, and we need to empower them to recognise their what they can contribute.














VOMA, the world's first online museum of art.


How will it work


We have partnered with a company, Emperia, who creates online exhibitions, who can create a bespoke system where young people can create shows with very limited support. We simply need to hand them the Unreal environment, and they will create the user interface. Our partners in the build are VOMA, the world’s first online museum; these are world-leading digital artists who will create a beautiful, photo-realistic gallery space.  


The Open Gallery has been designed, and the partners are all ready to go. We have a test site of seven schools in the South East of England and Kent, who we are already embedded with, and who are ready to give this project a try.


After a test period, we will aim to broaden the reach of the project nationally and internationally. We will be able to charge a fee for more wealthy, private schools, and Universities, to use the service, while still offering it for free to those schools with less means.


How can I help


Please get in touch if you’re interested in investing in this project, or simply Donate here through OUR ART SALE! Sign up to our mailing list and we will keep you updated on all the projects we’re involved in, and how you can get on board! 


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