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The Sixteen Trust Gallery 

The Sixteen Trust is proud to present its new online gallery, which will enable young people to create their own exhibitions, under the guidance of our mentors and a crack team of curators from around the world. It's a massive opportunity to bring new voices into curating, and lead to a more diverse future for the arts. With thanks to our friends at Walters Cube for making this all possible. 

We're currently fundraising to continue this project - click here to donate, or get in touch. You can find further information here! 

The Sixteen Trust Summer Exhibition, with Students from Schools in Thanet, UK











An exhibition of work by under-16 students from Hartsdown Academy, King Ethelbert School and Royal Harbour School, Thanet, UK. 

These works were completed as part of the Sixteen Trust's mentoring programme. Students were paired with arts professionals who worked with them to develop ideas, and give insight into the possibilities of a career in the arts. This exhibition shows some of the amazing results. 

With thanks to the staff at Hartsdown Academy and Royal Harbour schools, and to our amazing mentors, Josie Cerise, Ty Locke, Oscar May and Georgina Poole, and lawyers from Mischon de Reya: Simon Chadwick, Daniel Foley, Amanda Gray and Polly Green


The Brearley School Virtual Art Exhibition June 21 - July 21, 2021

Welcome to The Sixteen Trust Gallery in London which is featuring a group exhibition of work of The Brearley School’s Upper School students in New York City.

Due to the pandemic of 2021, the school was unable to carry out our traditional spring exhibition. We are very proud to have the opportunity to show work to the global art community through the innovations of Walter's Cube and their virtual gallery partners.

Current Exhibitions


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