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Amber De Ruyt

Education, English and Drama Student

What made you want to go into your career path? 


When I was at school, I had a brilliant teacher who spent some of her career working in prisons and hospitals creating theatre. She taught me so much about everything that the art of theatre can do outside of a building, and how valuable it can be.

This led me to looking into how theatre can be used in the world of education, and it’s a subject I’m excited to explore every day!


Did you always think you’d go into this career? How does it compare to how you thought it would be? 


I used to have absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. What I did know however, was that I wanted to help people, and I just found my own special way to do that.

I never thought I’d be able to use theatre, something I always saw as just for entertainment, to help myself and others see beauty in the little things!


How was life at school?

I wasn’t taken very seriously at school. I moved around a lot so didn’t have a very stable friendship group and a lot of the time I struggled to fit in. I didn’t work very hard for most of it so my teachers tended to see me as a bit of a lost cause, because I hadn’t found something I thought was worth working for.

Then, I found theatre! My incredible teachers showed me that if I put my mind to something and put in the work, I could do whatever I wanted to. Then, I found the course I wanted to do at university, and suddenly I had a goal. I studied hard for my A Levels and got into the course of my dreams which I’m so grateful for


What do you enjoy most about it?

I love being able to use my skills and something I love to make a difference in more than just entertainment. The personal and social element of the work is also a core part of it, since everything I do is based on creating positive relationships and using theatre to help them grow.

I also do a lot of other work in theatre, directing, stage managing and producing


What are your ambitions?

To someday create my own applied theatre projects based on the foundational knowledge I have of the field and explore various methods of doing so, from physical theatre to the internet.


Tell us a fun story about your work  

I did a research project in a nearby primary school and spent the entire working day playing duck duck goose, for work!!! Honestly had the best time

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