Job Opportunities

Project Manager - Schools and Mentoring

2 days/week (with potential for growth with the charity)

Location: Remote working/Thanet

Salary: £12,000 per annum (£30,000 pro rata)

The Sixteen Trust is looking for a project manager to run the mentoring programme that forms the backbone of our organisation. We are a new charity, and this position is crucial to supporting young people in our community to realise their potential.

The Sixteen Trust is an arts and education charity founded in 2019. It aims to inspire children between the ages of 11 and 16 in financially challenged areas, starting in Thanet and East Kent, through mentoring from real-world arts professionals, across disciplines. It will bring new ideas and engage young people in the broad spectrum of careers in the arts, giving long-term support, tied into the school curriculum and in partnership with schools and educators.

Mentoring will be offered in person and online, via one-to-one sessions and video, with print and other resources. The aim is to provide a long-term, cohesive and comprehensive support to children, throughout and beyond their secondary education, using a network of successful, relatable and approachable individuals, who were themselves once in the UK schooling system. If they can see it, they can be it.

You will report directly to the CEO and Founder, and will work alongside the Trustees to deliver a robust and well-evaluated programme that holds with the charity’s aims and abides by our code of ethics.

The Role:

●  Develop The Sixteen Trust’s mentoring programme in cooperation with school staff and Heads;

●  Develop current relationships with schools and mentors alike, and begin to open up new potentials;

●  Liaise between mentors and schools in the planning and implementation of the mentoring programme;

●  Develop in-depth, imaginative methods of capturing data and impact, evaluating and reporting on participants’ experience of projects

●  Organise trips and tours for children to mentors’ workplaces in the area, London and potentially beyond.

●  With the CEO, control relevant budgets and ensure all financial and policy matters are managed in strict accordance with Sixteen Trusts’ policies and procedures / to maximise income and minimise expenditure without loss of quality in all areas of responsibility

Person Specification

The ideal candidate must have:

●  Experience working with schools and the UK KS3 curriculum; ability to ‘speak school’;

●  Experience of working with school children between 11 and 16 years old within schools;

●  A proactive and empathetic attitude to the school environment in economically deprived


●  Experience of liaising between schools and other organisations

●  Strong communication skills, able to work independently and work with CEO and

Trustees to deliver wide-ranging programme;

●  An interest in alternative modes of education and a proactive attitude to improving the

welfare of young people through the arts;

●  An understanding of best practice in safeguarding children and child protection;

●  Fundamental to the role is a commitment to equal opportunities, social cohesion and


●  A current and up-to-date DBS check

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to Lee Cavaliere at, with ‘Project Manager’ in the header.



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