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Meet the Mentor: Sofia Oxenham


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What made you want to go into your career path? 


I loved playing make-believe when I was young and then when I started acting at junior school I  had so much fun and I realised this is what I wanted to do.

Did you always think you’d go into this career? How does it compare to how you thought it would be?

Yeah I always thought I would go into acting I don’t remember ever wanting to do anything else. There are lots of ups and downs, sometimes you can be filming two jobs at a time and sometimes not work for months. It’s tricky to get your head to adjust to this and it can be scary but it also enables you do to so many things and gives you flexibility. Every day is different!

How was life at school?

I didn’t love school. I found it quite tricky as I was dyslexic and didn’t feel like I excelled academically. When I went to drama school the approach to teaching was so different, I started to really enjoy it and realised it wasn’t school in general that I had disliked but the methods that had been used.

How did you get into you career?

I joined an after-school drama club and the woman who ran it was a professional actor. She suggested I audition for drama school which I did (but didn’t get in). Finally, after persisting, I got a place at my first choice of school: RADA. I spent three years training there and then got an agent in my final year and started auditioning for professional roles.

What do you enjoy most about it?

I love that you are part of a team who are building a world and telling a story together. And that you get to explore so many different people through the characters you play.

What are your ambitions?


I’d love keep on working with amazing people and eventually start making some projects of my own.

Tell us a fun story

I worked on one production where the leading man rode a beautiful horse. What the audience didn’t see was that in every shot the horse had to see his small scruffy stable mate, Rosie within his sightline or else he would not be relaxed on camera and refuse to perform. Rosie also appeared in the production and was deemed good at her job but with rather less of an ego than her handsome equine co-star!

To learn more about Sofia, and about mentoring and opportunities, please contact us at 

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